Did You Know?

Did you know? Agayof is a true family partnership of 3 generations, with Avner is the visionary and designer, who started over 40 years ago; Avia, the son, who showcases his father creations to the world and take care of the marketing and customer needs, and Neta, who joins Avia, her father, after school hours and helps with the assembly process, inventory, packing and shipping.

Did you know? Each Agayof piece is design and created by the Agayofs under the supervision of Menahem Berman, an ex-teacher and department head in the prestige "Bezalel" school of art, an adviser to the Israel Government in developing the design and industry of jewelry and artifacts for export and one of the world’s most recognizable designer, with top prices for his work in Judaica, graphic arts and industrial design.

Did you know? Every part of an Agayof piece is MADE & ASSEMBLED in JERUSALEM and only by Avner Agayof, Menachem Berman or Avia Agayof.

Did you know? Agayof artifacts are made from Aluminum that is made stronger and more durable through a process called 'anodizing'. Anodized aluminum can be nearly as hard as diamond and Anodized aluminum is also a material for making high-end cookware, as heat is distributed evenly across anodized aluminum, and the process of anodizing provides a naturally protective finish. Using Anodized aluminum with Teflon makes Agayof’s artifacts safe to use for as long as needed.

Did you Know? Agayof offers a LIFE TIME warranty for all its artifacts, a once-a-year complimentary maintenance service and complimentary cleaning, for each artifact.

Did you know? In the 30+ years of the Agayof brand, prices has always increased, which helped Agayof to position itself as a great value brand, a perfect heirloom brand and a superb customer loyalty brand. Collecting Agayof′s Judaica pieces is not only about enriching and enlightening your home and your life, but also, enhancing your family heirloom collection as well.