Our Story

The Agayof name and brand has been well known for its exceptional and magnificent Judaica artifacts, since its inception, over 30 years ago, by Avner Agayof.

The Agayofs is now considered as one of the most important Judaica artists family and brand in Israel and the Jewish world.

Each and every item is design and created by the Agayofs, using only the most superb materials, to create a truly majestic and extraordinary Judaica pieces, distinguishable with its matching materials and the full spectrum of colors. Each piece is inspected by all the principals of the Agayof's brand to ensure its unmatched and unparalleled technique,  durability, its multi functional, and last but definitely not least, its beauty.

The Agayof brand is in the retail collection of major Jewish museums, such as the Jewish Museum, the NATL Museum of American Jewish History, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the Illinois Holocaust Museum to name a few, major Judaica collectors, major Jewish organizations and can be found at the most recognizable Judaica outlets worldwide, as one of, if not the most significant and desirable brand of Jewish art.

Collecting  Agayof′s Judaica pieces is not only about enhancing your private collection but also about enriching and enlightening your home and your life. 



Avner Agayof – Founder and Production Manager.
Avner is a Jerusalemite, born lives and works in the city.
Studied at 'brandise inst." A "haddassah" professional school. After graduating, he started teaching fine mechanics in the institute. After completing his IDF service, Avner served as Hebrew teacher in Latin America, preparing the local Jewish people for "ALIYAH".
in 1970, Avner returned Came back to Israel and started his own workshop working on Judaica items for different firms and for his own business.

Avia Agayof – Sales and Distribution Manager.
Avia, Avner's son, is a Jerusalemite, born, lives and works in the city. After finishing his service in the army, he harnessed to help his father,  devoting himself to the Agayof Brand and turned it into a family business.
Recently Avia set an office in the center of Jerusalem to make it easier for old and new collectors on their visits to Jerusalem.

Menahem Berman – Lead Designer.
Menahem is a Jerusalemite, born, lives and works in the city.
He is the home-designer of Agayof's Fine Judaica and a considerable part of the collection is made after his designs.
Menahem graduated from "Chabad" yeshiva in Tel Aviv and from "Bezalel" academy of art and design in Jerusalem. While studying he was appointed teacher of the first class and did it for three years. Then he started his own workshop producing silverware and jewelery.
His teachers at "Bezalel" were the famous David Gumbel and Laudwig Wolpert. When they left, he was appointed headmaster of the department and ran it for ten years. Menahem replaced both of his teachers, continuing their ways and spirit but adding also a new modern approach.
In parallel Menahem worked also in his own workshop Concentrating mainly on Judica.
He served as advisor to the Israel Government in developing the design and industry of jewelry and artifacts for Export. He won world recognition and top prices for his work in Judaica, graphic arts and industrial design.
More of his work can be seen in his own website. http://www.menahemberman.com/